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Ranger Gate offers three different product brands, each brand has its different benefits and uses. These are the actual stickers that we place on our products after manufacturing. Each product in the catalog will have its brand sticker beside it on the page to help you identify our products.

Ranger Gate Brands

The original brand that started the company is the Ranger brand of products. The Ranger line consist of a tubing with a longevity that is in-between the RGC and Hot Dip which is called in line galvanizing. Raw sheet metal is rolled into tubing and welded. After the seam is welded the tubing is galvanized to make it fully galvanized inside and out. After our products are made with this tubing all welds are painted to ensure a long lasting item. Let the Ranger brand stand out on your property as a sign of quality and durability.

Ranger Gate Brands

Made to meet consumer demands the RGC brand offers a quality product at a lower price. Our RGC products are made with pre galvanized tubing which is galvanized sheet metal that is rolled into tubing and then welded. The welded seam is not galvanized inside which makes this tubing more economical. Once products are built with this material we paint all welds with cold galvanized paint to ensure quality.

Ranger Gate Brands

The longest lasting and toughest brand of products we manufacture is the Hot Dipped Galvanized products. All hot dipped products are completely made then dipped into a molten zinc bath that fuses permanently into the metal and creates a corrosion proof coating. We often get asked why are there holes in the hot dip products near the welded seams? The holes allow the coating to get inside the tubing and give the inside the same amount of coating and protection as the outside. If your looking for a product that will last and hold up to harsh conditions the hot dip brand is for you.

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